2 Abstract Paintings

At my work they created a new conference room and they needed some art for the walls. They elected me to create some abstract paintings for them. I've never really painted anything abstract before, let alone this size, 36"x36". I also used acrylics instead of oils since I figured they would need to be dry, varnished and hung quite soon. I haven't used acrylics before on this scale either. It was definitely a learning experience. I thought the end result came out pretty good though. I like them. Upon seeing my initial sketches, a coworker aptly gave them the names "Friday night" and "Sunday morning," alluding to more of the darker aspects of one and the lightness of the other. When I heard that, I immediately related it to redemption and then painted them with that in mind.
Friday Night
36" x 36". Acrylic on stretched canvas.
Sunday morning
36" x 36". Acrylic on stretched canvas.
Both of them together in the conference room

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