a candle...

I've recently been experimenting with Corel Painter Essentials. It's a pretty cool program. The brushes are very distinct, and it paints really smooooth.


Idiot Shark...

This was a project for my Illustration class. They give you 3 make-ups for a character. The ones I chose at random where, animal: Shark, personality: dopey/idiot and outfit: construction worker.


Our next president?

This is my attempt at drawing Obama. I tried to use a different brush than usual which leaves a lot of background color still in the portrait.
I like the style it creates! I may try to work on this one a bit.


Portrait of a Rockstar...(slightly revised)

Hello, to whoever is checking this out. I haven't posted in a while. We'll see if I can keep up a steady once a week or something. Anyway, this is a portrait I did from a magazine a while ago. I revamped it a little and changed the proportions quite a bit. I really like the way the color came out. The clothes and hair were a quick addition at the end to bring some completion. Anyone guess who it is?


Fun with Illustrator

This is a logo I created for my graphic design class. Creek surfboards was the artificial company. It was pretty fun. I never used Illustrator too much before, but have found it to be a really cool, useful program. Maybe I'll make a shirt out of this someday. hehe


Home at Last!

They finally come to the place where a great banquet awaits them and all who came before are welcoming them in. No more treading across open field of sand and thorn, no longer waiting for inevitable defeat in strenuous efforts and no more disappointment and regret of times long past, because they've come, home at last.


Almost there...

Here, the shephard brings them to outermost edge of their destination. Traveling on a long journey with little legs, some of these guys get pretty tired, so once n' awhile their allowed to ride on the shoulders of their friend. As you can see, some of these small dudes are really excited to go home.


This Way

This is part 1 of a 3 part series of a shephard leading his little munchkins to their home.


80's Rock

This is a little 4 x 6 painting of my friend playing guitar at my 80's party. It's done in soft pastel on black pastel paper. It was originally done for a class project where we we had to manipulate a photograph nine different ways (5 photoshop, 2 Illustrator & 2 traditional) this is obviously the traditional "done-by-hand" image. I think the color came out well.

Peter of Narnia

I'm trying to figure out some basic shading problems I've had. So I'm experimenting with this sketch. I thought black & white would be the easiest to manage, without all that color to worry about. I learned quite a bit from this exercise, various dark and light placement and such... I added a couple darker highlights to this, gives it a little more depth.

Some people sketches

These are just some random sketches I did of my friends, with some design "hoo-ha" around the outside.



This is my attempt at re-creating Thy's "childlike" drawing of a monster or "munster." This was done on another sketchblog I was checking out, they're really cool. Kids would draw pictures of monsters and then their parents who were computer artists would re-create the drawing all cool looking and stuff. Cool Idea.


Freedom of Flight

I wasn't exactly sure what I started on this one and it kinda came out like this. The ground looks a little weird. The flying dude is uh... flying.


Blank Stare...

I'm experimenting more with my new software. It feels more like "real" painting all the time. Pretty crazy. I had a background on this one but it seemed to distract a little. Anybody have any suggestions or comments? B.T.W. for those of you who are looking at this, go ahead and leave a comment or two, that'd be cool. I believe I have it set to anonymous, meaning you don't have to have a "blog" account to leave a comment. Thanks for looking..... enjoy the colorful guy with the blank stare.


The Great Pumpkin Carrier

I was trying to experiment with this sketch, using black and white with little color on a colored background. I kinda like the way the difference came out.


Ben Folds

This guy is on the cover of the new Relevant Magazine.
Pencil sketch.


Shady hitchhiker

Ya know... a weird guy, you see on the side of the road who wants a ride. Although, he has a motorcycle jacket on. What's up with that? If he has a motorcycle jacket, that probably means he has a motorcycle. But, if that's the case, why the heck is he hitchhiking? Did he run out of gas? Lose his keys? Run out of people to kill so he's trying to catch a ride with poor, defenseless, harmless you? Maybe... or maybe not. Who knows, and who really cares, it's just a darn drawing.