Racism...Doesn't make sense

I recently thought of the concept or "beginning" of racism and realized how ridiculous it is.
This is my attempt at illustrating that ridiculousness.



So... There was a movie playing in the front room which I could hear even with the door closed. Then there's this speed metal (1) band playing down the street which was crazy loud. I was becoming somewhat frustrated (mostly with the metal band) and then I started just laughing to myself feeling like I was stuck in between 2 different scenes which I could not, or at least would not control. It was good. After a while the combination of the two actually helped me to draw. It also reminded me of being divided in life and having to make choices. I hate making choices. But again and again I'm forced to. I always hope I'm making the right ones.

1. Ok, I think I'm getting old. The band that was playing was what I refer to as death metal. Crazy heavy guitar, a guy screaming to the point where you can't understand anything. But, I believe that's pretty much the same thing as screamo isn't it? Maybe I'm wrong...


Fat Guy

This is a picture I drew after I had a ton of food to eat and was feeling stinkin' full. I kinda felt like this guy, though I didn't have a chicken leg like this guy. I was thinking of adding a KFC to the background but couldn't figure out how to do it right.

A Shawshank Redemption

This is a quick sketch from the cover of The Shawshank Redemption DVD case. This is a great movie if you've never seen it before. I love the picture of him standing in the rain basking in his freedom. A great metaphor for the freedom that we receive when we surrender fully to God's sacrifice.


starry nite

I’m here now, can you see me
How bright am I
Can you see my light

I think I like it here
It’s where I belong, right

It feels good to me
Everything I want is here
I can’t go back
Can’t you see my light?


a star

Why are you holding on so tight
Please let me go
I don’t belong down here

My wings are spread wide
I’m ready to fly

I want to shine, I want to shine
Please let me go
Please let me burn bright in the night sky



Yeup, I said it. That terrible word that sends shudders up & down your spine. The word that can ruin a beautiful Sunday afternoon with a single utterance. Yes. That's what this is... homework. I must say i enjoyed it. Once I got past the fact that I had to do it.
The pain it takes sometimes to create.


In Awe

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven.


amandala baumuntu

This is a logo that my wife designed and I drew up for my friend's upcoming trip to Africa. I believe amandala baumuntu means "the power of one." Very cool. You can check out their blog on the link to the right. Who knows, they might have room for one more...


An elderly Elf

This was inspired by an old guy I saw hanging out in the pharmacy today. The old guy wasn't an elf though.
The elf part came from my desire to draw/paint like all those fantasy painters do. Crazy stuff!!



This turned out to be kind of a sad surfer dude. Maybe he missed the greatest wave ever.... and then his cat got hit by a stupid kid on a tricycle.



This is kinda how i felt today. Like I was in this intense battle, striving for my life.



Just a random drawing of a face that I did in photoshop a while back.