Still Sketching

Hey ya'll, sorry I haven't posted too much in a while. These are some sketches I have been doing the last couple months.

A couple of boats in the harbor with houses and such in the background. I had fun doing this one. Haven't really drawn/painted outside too much like this. It was quite enjoyable.

This is my friend's living room. This started as a casual sketch and became a little more involved after a bit.

This is my back pack. Pretty exciting huh. Sometimes I just draw what I got. :) I do like the personality this sketch has though. The pack seems to have this slackin' way about it.

Lastly, I have been experimenting with some watercolor pencils recently. I've never really used them before. They're cool. I only got two diff. colors, so hence the limited palette on this one. I'm diggin' the fabric folds and such. I'll hopefully be posting more of these later. Thanks for lookin'