Home at Last!

They finally come to the place where a great banquet awaits them and all who came before are welcoming them in. No more treading across open field of sand and thorn, no longer waiting for inevitable defeat in strenuous efforts and no more disappointment and regret of times long past, because they've come, home at last.


Almost there...

Here, the shephard brings them to outermost edge of their destination. Traveling on a long journey with little legs, some of these guys get pretty tired, so once n' awhile their allowed to ride on the shoulders of their friend. As you can see, some of these small dudes are really excited to go home.


This Way

This is part 1 of a 3 part series of a shephard leading his little munchkins to their home.


80's Rock

This is a little 4 x 6 painting of my friend playing guitar at my 80's party. It's done in soft pastel on black pastel paper. It was originally done for a class project where we we had to manipulate a photograph nine different ways (5 photoshop, 2 Illustrator & 2 traditional) this is obviously the traditional "done-by-hand" image. I think the color came out well.