Racism...Doesn't make sense

I recently thought of the concept or "beginning" of racism and realized how ridiculous it is.
This is my attempt at illustrating that ridiculousness.



So... There was a movie playing in the front room which I could hear even with the door closed. Then there's this speed metal (1) band playing down the street which was crazy loud. I was becoming somewhat frustrated (mostly with the metal band) and then I started just laughing to myself feeling like I was stuck in between 2 different scenes which I could not, or at least would not control. It was good. After a while the combination of the two actually helped me to draw. It also reminded me of being divided in life and having to make choices. I hate making choices. But again and again I'm forced to. I always hope I'm making the right ones.

1. Ok, I think I'm getting old. The band that was playing was what I refer to as death metal. Crazy heavy guitar, a guy screaming to the point where you can't understand anything. But, I believe that's pretty much the same thing as screamo isn't it? Maybe I'm wrong...


Fat Guy

This is a picture I drew after I had a ton of food to eat and was feeling stinkin' full. I kinda felt like this guy, though I didn't have a chicken leg like this guy. I was thinking of adding a KFC to the background but couldn't figure out how to do it right.