This is a little part of a large flowering plant near where I have lunch. I don't know what it's called but it provides some nice shade from the sun. This part was sticking out above the rest. I think the random-ness of the leaves on this thing really attracted me. I think that's what makes it so attractive to me now, as a drawing.This one I call Fallen. It's a fallen leaf. I think the surrounding grass came our rather dynamic for such a stagnant topic. Maybe there's still some life in the fallen leaf after all. Both of these were done on toned paper with micron pen and white charcoal.


Miniature Pumpkin

I've been seeing all the pumpkins out there that people are painting because of the holidays. I don't have one to create a still life, but figured I would just draw one randomly. So, this is how it came out. I liked it, so I'm showing all ya'll. Drawn in Corel painter with a mouse using the artist oils brush.


Figure studies

These are some figure studies I did for a class. These first 2 are done with searching line. Using line to "sculpt" out the volume of the figure. I liked using this technique because it gives lots of volume and definition to the figure. 3D'ish. These are black conte on craft paper.These 2 are done with generic charcoal pencil on newsprint. It's quite easy for me to sketch the figure this way since this was the first media I used drawing the figure. This model was great at giving us lots of fluid movement in his poses.This last one is done on newsprint with the side of a larger piece of charcoal. It's cool drawing this way cause you can put a lot down in a very small amount of time. This guy was a great model.

Pillows & Fabric

These are a couple of pillows sitting on bed with the sheet underneath. The crinkly-ness is kinda difficult to pull off. It's cool experimenting with the light and shadows of fabric though.

Landscape and Trees

This is a little area where I have lunch. It's usually pretty quiet and peaceful, and it's especially nice to draw when the days have been so beautiful out. All of these sketches are done with pen and white charcoal on toned paper.
A sketch of some parts of a large tree trunk.
A tree's arms and some of it's skin commonly referred to as branches and leaves. I think it almost looks spider-ish.


Hey Ya'll. Sorry, it's been so long

This is a painting I just started on. This is in the stage of round 2 of probably 4 rounds. I think I'm through with the under-painting and am trying to deepen more darks and fit the right colors. I'm still not too used to soft pastels, especially on Strathmore paper. It's very textured which makes using the pastels kinda difficult, if you don't blend, you hardly get any color, just the white of the paper. But, it's good practice for me. I got lots of the cools down, now I'll be working on the warm highlights. I will hopefully put up more soon.


Trip to Utah

This is a little creek that our cabin was next to with snow all around. Done with Micron pen and white charcoal.