amandala baumuntu

This is a logo that my wife designed and I drew up for my friend's upcoming trip to Africa. I believe amandala baumuntu means "the power of one." Very cool. You can check out their blog on the link to the right. Who knows, they might have room for one more...


An elderly Elf

This was inspired by an old guy I saw hanging out in the pharmacy today. The old guy wasn't an elf though.
The elf part came from my desire to draw/paint like all those fantasy painters do. Crazy stuff!!



This turned out to be kind of a sad surfer dude. Maybe he missed the greatest wave ever.... and then his cat got hit by a stupid kid on a tricycle.



This is kinda how i felt today. Like I was in this intense battle, striving for my life.



Just a random drawing of a face that I did in photoshop a while back.