This is my attempt at re-creating Thy's "childlike" drawing of a monster or "munster." This was done on another sketchblog I was checking out, they're really cool. Kids would draw pictures of monsters and then their parents who were computer artists would re-create the drawing all cool looking and stuff. Cool Idea.


Freedom of Flight

I wasn't exactly sure what I started on this one and it kinda came out like this. The ground looks a little weird. The flying dude is uh... flying.


Blank Stare...

I'm experimenting more with my new software. It feels more like "real" painting all the time. Pretty crazy. I had a background on this one but it seemed to distract a little. Anybody have any suggestions or comments? B.T.W. for those of you who are looking at this, go ahead and leave a comment or two, that'd be cool. I believe I have it set to anonymous, meaning you don't have to have a "blog" account to leave a comment. Thanks for looking..... enjoy the colorful guy with the blank stare.


The Great Pumpkin Carrier

I was trying to experiment with this sketch, using black and white with little color on a colored background. I kinda like the way the difference came out.


Ben Folds

This guy is on the cover of the new Relevant Magazine.
Pencil sketch.


Shady hitchhiker

Ya know... a weird guy, you see on the side of the road who wants a ride. Although, he has a motorcycle jacket on. What's up with that? If he has a motorcycle jacket, that probably means he has a motorcycle. But, if that's the case, why the heck is he hitchhiking? Did he run out of gas? Lose his keys? Run out of people to kill so he's trying to catch a ride with poor, defenseless, harmless you? Maybe... or maybe not. Who knows, and who really cares, it's just a darn drawing.