Wounds heal over time. Things mend over time. In the midst of difficulty and trials the Lord brings renewal, redemption, and life. It was really good to paint again. Haven't for a long time. This is with acrylic on canvas panel. It's 8" x 10" I believe.

just Him and me

Another sculpture that I created 5 years ago, has been reformatted, if you will. Instead of screaming in the midst of the struggle, I'm crying out to Him. He is the Rock of my salvation.


This is a picture of a sculpture I created 5 years ago (see 2009 post entitled "Struggle") When it fired, the image that's a self portrait exploded. I've had it sitting in a box since then desiring to rebuild/repair it. God has been drawing me closer to himself and this struggle of my holding onto the earth/world is no longer something I want to identify with. I thought it was interesting that the self portrait "me" exploded while the hand/arm of God remained intact. It reminds me to choose Him... every time.