Nice day of drawing

Yeah, it's almost been a year since I posted last. Here's some sketches I did the last couple days. It's great to be drawing again.
Hill and Trees. Simple landscape which was really peaceful to me.
I really liked the way this lantern/light fixture thing looked, especially against the sun-setting, partially cloudy sky.
Rising Above. I drew this for a girl that I support in Nicaragua. The concept just kinda came up all by itself after checking out the landscape and such.
Flipper Floppers. Yeah, sometimes I don't have too much to draw in my room. Those dark areas are scars from some kind of rodent that was chewing on them in Thailand. Crazy stuff.
The tree and the dark reflection in the window looked cool together. And the architecture of the building behind was a great combination.

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Guy Kinnear said...

Thank you for drawing! I am loving the patchwork.